Day 3: Sockey Kane Cypress

Yes, my song titles are often jibberish, and I'm not above using puns when possible as you'll see tomorrow.

Yesterday's track kind of just...ended, because it's part of a DJ mix called Console Wars where one track flows into another seamlessly and because ain't nobody got time for no fancy ass ending. You want an ending? Tap the volume down button gradually until the song fades out. 

Today's track picks up where yesterday's leaves off. (Don't worry - you'll get to hear the whole 30-minute Console Wars mix when this journey is over, but before you score we're taking it one base at a time, Mister / Mrs / Ms!)

And speaking of sexual innuendo, I made a video below reminiscing about my teenage years, breaking the rules, experimenting, young love, heartbreak, and ultimately finding something that you can never outgrow...Donkey Kong Country.

Featured in today's track:

Da Brat's "Sock It," continued + Donkey Kong Country's "Aquatic Ambience" + Big Daddy Kane's "Macula's Theory" + Cypress Hill's "I Want to Get High"

Today's Video is about "Experimenting" in All the Ways You're Thinking About, You Naughty Character, You