Day 5: Shoopadore 64

I don't know how old you are but take a knee there, Sonny, because I'm going to tell you about a vintage console called the Commodore 64.

My neighbor had one of these, and I'm pretty sure my Apple II was more modern than it was. But, since I had to wait for the bus at her house before school, I would often hop into her older brother's room to play their Commodore computer when I needed a break from watching Jem & the Holograms on TV (her choice...not a bad show in hindsight).

Anyway, the Commodore had a unique sound that was pretty wild for its time. It made me wanna shoop. And you know who else did? Salt 'n' Pepa. I mean damn...they were so fine. If looks could kill they would be an uzi. Later on in 1994 when Shoop came out, my sister, her friend, and I would all sing the song verbatim on the way to school while it played in the tape deck of my grandma's Honda Accord.

Funny these two random sources of music are connected in my mind by good times before school! Well now they're connected in this mashup track I made (from my album Console Wars) with a little bit of Gargoyle's Quest thrown in because why not!

Bonus Interview! Here's that Time that Cartoon Violence Had me on their podcast to talk about my Musical Journey