Parents who feel dread for the school holidays are not alone. Many parents will work from home during the school holidays. They may be wondering how they are going to manage online meetings without online schooling.

The school holidays are likely to bring about a host of emotions, anger, guilt, sadness, and stress. Many of the family’s usual activities during school holidays will be cancel due to lockdowns. There is also the possibility that working parents will have more unpaid responsibilities, especially for women. Many parents feel the pressure to find ways of keeping their children occupied.

I am a psychologist and a former school psychologist. I have also had to be a parent working with two teens in lockdown. Parents, I advise you to let go of the pressure.

Allow your children to be bore and not try to make it a holiday. Tell your employer as soon as possible that your attention may be more divided over the coming weeks.

Accept School Boredom

While home schooling can be challenging, it has the benefit of keeping children and teens busy for most of the day. It can give structure and routine to the chaotic stay-at-home lifestyle.

Parents and lock-down children left wondering what they will do during a two week holiday at home without school. Do you hear a tiny voice in your ear saying I’m bore?

Parents often instinctively try to find things to do for their child, but they have to resist the urge. You can say, I’m bore! You can now go. Research is showing that boredom can lead to creativity in children, and one study shows how.

Previous research has shown that people use daydreaming as a way to cope with boredom-induced tension. It is important to daydream. This study also notes that Jerome Singer, a US psychologist, described daydreaming.

As shifting attention away from an external problem or situation to the internal representations of situations, memories and pictures, unresolved issues, scenarios, or future objectives.

Although your children may feel bored, they might not be. This may be a good thing for them. School holidays offer children a chance to recharge and refresh. School holidays offer a break from school’s routines and learning expectations. It is a time to refresh yourself from boredom and long periods unstructured play.

School Employers Have A Role

Recent research on Australian parents has shown that many parents experienced increased levels of anxiety, depression, stress, and tension during the pandemic than they did before it. Employers should look for practical ways to support parents during the school holidays. These could include poker pelangi.

When Possible, Delay Deadlines

Asking whether these long, online meetings are actually necessary or productive. Allowing working parents to take half-days of leave to ensure a better balance between paid and unpaid work.

Parents should think about how they can communicate their needs to their workplace and to their families. Set boundaries for older children. Talk to them about work and let them know why you do it.

Know that you are not the only one. You are part a remarkable and resilient group of parents who work hard and live in a stable home. It won’t be perfect but it will work out in the end.