Interview with DJ 8-Bit Mullet on WRIR's "Chopping it Up Geek" Radio Show [TMM18]

This episode of The Mullet Mashup is an interview I did with Kultural Khameleon on his radio show, “Chopping It Up Geek” on WRIR in Richmond, VA. Listen on iTunes.

How this WRIR Interview Came About

This all started back in October 2018 when I was at Hardywood Brewery in Richmond, VA, preparing to do a show with local artists F1NG3RS and Nick Names. F1NG3RS makes music with retro video game sounds and Nick Names actually makes music using retro consoles, like the Nintendo DS.

We had set up to play in their new music room with all the barrels around the walls, and were enjoying some beers ahead of time, when F1NG3RS introduced me to Avery, aka Kultural Khameleon, host of a weekly show on WRIR radio called Chopping it Up Geek.

I had heard of him before when perusing the station’s website long ago, and also saw when he interviewed F1NG3RS about his music, which is here if you want to listen to it, too.

Anyway, Avery and I hit it off and he gave me his card and then a month or two later I was in the studio recording this interview about my music, including how I started producing, how I make tracks and DJ, and putting together the collaborative hip hop album Street Fighter: The RVA Warrior.

We’ve hung out a few times since then, at shows I’m DJing, at my place, and randomly running into him in Carytown. Here’s to a new friend and also a chance to get new listeners. I hope you enjoy the interview, and stay tuned for more news, updates, and live streams on Facebook!