Retro Gaming House & Dance Music | Video Game DJ Mix [TMM17]

I made this retro gaming DJ mix using house and dance music music inspired by video game themes and soundtracks, or made using retro consoles (chiptune).

Why & How I Made This Video Game House & Dance Music DJ Mix

I decided to shake things up a bit from the usual hip-hop mixes that I spin (which is my first love). I’ve been meaning to diversify my style for some time to include music I can dance to, such as house. Personally I can’t stand most EDM, dubstep, or any of these newfangled genres with “chill,” “step,” and “future” in the titles.

But that good old nn-ts-nn-ts-nn-ts-nn-ts I can always go for. I like it when I’m working on my computer. I like it when I’m running. And I like it on the dance floor. It doesn’t have to sound like a dial-up modem like some of these other genres.

So I scoured the web as usual for the best and most danceable tracks that were either chiptune or remixes of video game themes. I also put a query out on the Chiptune = Win Facebook group, and got a few good suggestions of artists to check out.

I like chiptune music, by the way, but it’s often just too much treble and not enough bass. Or it’s cool instrumentation but in some bizarre genre I’m not feeling. Sorry to be condescending - not my intention. To each their own, really, but I like what I like and that is music that’s retro, and certain kinds of new music (but not a lot). Of course I respect the talent and work ethic of artists in other genres. But I like what I like.

So anyway, I first played these tracks at kind of an underground, makeshift dance party at 4:00am at MAGLabs in the Hilton Hotel the first week of September on the final night. I brought my gear and it sat in my car all weekend, but I never felt inspired to bust it out until everybody was shall we say in the best of “spirits” towards the end - so I set up shop by the entrance to the arcade and maybe 20-30 of us got DOWN.

LOL anyway, enjoy this mix! I’ve made it episode 17 of The Mullet Mashup podcast.

And by the way, I just found out that my podcast has had over 6,400 downloads since I started it a year ago. Nice! I had no idea. It used to be a weekly thing, but I have diverse interests. So expect a new episode every couple of months instead as I feel inspired. Anything that HAS to be done every week or month feels like a chore. This way we’ll keep it fun!