Ice Ice Baby Mashup Mix [TMM4]

In this episode, I took every Vanilla Ice mashup I could find on the internet and spent more time than I'd like to admit arranging them into an Ice Ice Baby mashup mix.

Q: Yo 8-Bit, why'd you make an Ice Ice Baby Mashup Mix?

Our story begins on Twitch, where I was DJing live while my buddy Baker was speed running some game, and as usual I was playing remixes that were relevant to whatever he was playing. I think it was Christmas trap remixes while he was playing Home Alone for SNES or some other abomination.

And then it struck know what would be painfully bad? Playing Vanilla ice non-stop one night while he plays ice-themed games and levels, like Ice Hockey, Ice Climbers, Ice Man in Mega Man 1, Vanilla Dome in Super Mario World, etc. 

I knew there were a ton of Vanilla ice mashups and remixes online, and I set out to find them. Turns out I could only find 1-2 Ninja Rap ones (and ZERO people messed with "Havin' a Roni," which is one of the best beatbox songs ever). But when it came time to find an Ice Ice Baby mashup or forty, the internet didn't disappoint!

I found 25 Ice Ice Baby mashups and then reached out to the mashups subreddit, who responded with 15-20 more and 80+ upvotes. At MAGFest 2016 I shared our insidious idea of making our fans listen to a 30-60 minute long Ice Ice Baby mashup mix with a few people, and when they lit up I knew we were on to something and NEEDED to make this happen.

So I spent most of the day Sunday going through them all, figuring out which ones had the best verse 1, verse 2, etc., of the song, and put them in order to just keep looping an Ice Ice Baby mix over and over again.

Ice Ice Baby mashup producers showcased in this episode:

  • DJ Schmolli
  • The Taskmaster
  • Okay, this is taking forever. Check out all 40+ Vanilla Ice mashups in this YouTube playlist I made.

Normally I just play songs through when I make a weekly mix, but this one I really dissected a ton of tracks and Frankensteined it back together again in Ableton, so I'm going to release it as an 8-Bit Mullet mixtape and enlighten the universe with the opportunity to hear nothing but Ice Ice Baby mashups for 45 minutes straight. It's like smelling your armpits...funky yet irresistable.

Enjoy! An remember to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and subscribe via email.

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