Video Game Twerk Songs, Twerking Music DJ Mix, Magstock Set [TMM19]

I made this twerk songs mashup mix for my DJ set at Magstock 2019. It has plenty of twerking music remixed with video game music and other retro samples. Listen on Mixcloud.

How this Video Game Twerk Music Mix Happened…

Hope you're having a great summer so far :)

Mine's off to a great start. Last weekend I spent 3 days at Magstock, a festival for video game music lovers held in a country campground in Virginia.

This was my 5th time. I go every year to party with my friends, and often have the chance to do a joint DJ session with my man Super Sonic.

This year, I dedicated the weekend to exploring rum cocktails. I brought a blender and enough mixers to test 10 different drinks and narrow them down to my favorites.

Gotta say I'm partial to straight up daquiris, and also rum & coconut water, and vietnamese coffee w/ rum and condensed milk. Mmmmmmmm

Here's a photo of me day drinking and gaming before my DJ set.


This time my DJ set was devoted to twerk music, with video game and retro samples added, of course. Nothing gets the booties shaking like bass music and lyrics about twerking.

So I had a lot of fun in the last few weeks gathering some great twerk songs, blending them together, and adding the soundtracks and even TV show theme songs that went along with them.

Oh yeah, here's a preview of what's coming in the next few weeks:

  1. My twerk music DJ set from Magstock

  2. A 90s dance single I made with Sanji the Hedgehog (also a fan request for Rygar)

  3. A new mashup I've been working on late nights, mashing a popular song right now with a track from Mario Kart 64

Stay tuned, summer love has just begun :)

Best wishes,

8-Bit Mullet