The Legend of Zelda Mashups, Hip-Hop & Trap Beats [TMM11]

In this week's DJ mix, you'll find all the Legend of Zelda mashups, hip-hop & trap beats you can handle - inspired by Zelda games throughout the ages.

Why did I make a mix of The Legend of Zelda mashups + hip-hop & trap beats?

Because Zelda is dope as fuck, that's why! The original NES game was the very first game I ever played on that console. I was 7 and my stepdad brought me to a rental property he owned while he did some work in the basement. I ended up playing this game with the tenant's son and was blown away! The rest is history.

I didn't end up beating (or owning) that game for 15 more years, but I did play it often at my best friend's house, and also watched him beat Zelda 2. Since then, my kids and I played the hell out of the Wind Waker and beat it a few months ago! Now we're working on Twilight Princess.

Anyway, my point is, everyone has some stories of Zelda games being part of their lives, past and present. You know what else has been? HIP-HOP. And Prince, lol. Even Stevie Nicks got thrown into this mix because my style is taking a bunch of random goodness and mashing it up like a Meat Lover's Scramble at Denny's.

Legend of Zelda mashup & beat producers in this episode:

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