Super Mario World Remixes & Beats [TMM1]

This kickoff episode is a mix of pretty much nothing but Super Mario World remixes and beats, with a mario remix or two thrown in for fun. So if you loved playing this game on your Super Nintendo like I did, then prepare for a nostalgic Super Mario Bros mix.

The idea for this podcast came to me two months after I started streaming on Twitch on Monday nights with my man Baker (follow me there if you like watching live streams). We merge channels for the night and call it "Crossing the Streams," wherein he plays the games and I come on as a guest and DJ live music that's relevant to whatever he's playing that night.

Since he plays SMW a lot and does speedruns, I scoured the dankest corners of the web to find the perfect Super Mario World remix. I ended up finding enough Mario beats to make a whole mix dedicated to nothing but Super Mario World remixes and beats, with a little bit of flipped Mario music thrown in from from other games.

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Super Mario World Remix and Beat Producers showcased in this episode:

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