Super Mario 64 Remixes & Beats [TMM7]

This playlist is a continuous mix of the best Super Mario 64 remixes. Each beat is sampled from the game's music or a reimagining of the soundtrack.

Yo 8-Bit! Why did you make a Super Mario 64 remix episode?

I have to admit...I've only played Super Mario 64 for like thirty minutes once, despite having owned the game for years. I inherited my brother-in-law's Nintendo 64 along with a few games and this is one of them. But I was so preoccupied playing Mario Kart, Goldeneye, and NBA Hang Time, this one sat around on the "Eh, I'll get around to it someday" list.

Come to find out, it's a super cool game with a great soundtrack. I finally heard it when I watched my man Baker play it during our weekly Twitch stream, and got to see the game in action.

So naturally I had a lot of fun finding and checking out all of these Super Mario 64 remixes and beats from the dankest corners of the web. It naturally came together by grouping the related themes together - Dire Dire Docks, the castle theme, etc., so as it goes you will hear 2-3 of each being mixed together at the same time for 4-5 minutes and then moving on. I hope you enjoy it!

Super Mario 64 Remix producers in this episode:

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