Latchkey Kid Mixtape, vol. 1 (Old School Sitcom Remixes) [TMM13]

My latest hip-hop mix is made of the best old school sitcom remixes from around the web. It's a continuous blend of 80s & 90s tv show theme song hip-hop remixes and is free to download.

The Latchkey Kid Mixtape, vol. 1 is a poignant journey through childhood in the 80s & early 90s. While most of my work until now has been inspired by retro video games, this time I blended loops and beats from various artists who sampled TV shows from that era (mostly sitcoms). 

Simply hearing the theme from a game, TV show, movie, or commercial takes me back to that exact time and place where I can picture myself, where I was, who I was with, and many details of the setting and circumstances. 

While we tend to remember the 80s/90s as a positive time of glitter, big hair, and cheesiness, life still went on - with all of its heartfelt moments, vicissitudes, and heartbreak. 

Accordingly, this mix explores themes such as starting anew, friendship, exploration, hope, family, abandonment, illness, and grieving. 

Unlike the weekly mixes I produce for my music podcast, "official" mixtapes like these are usually more meaningful projects that take a few months to put together and represent my finest work. 

This mixtape is the first part of a trilogy. The next two will focus on 80s-90s movie and cartoon show remixes and mashups. Follow me for updates! 

This mixtape would not be possible without the outstanding tracks from the following old school sitcom remix producers: 

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