Michael Jackson Remix & Mashup Mix [TMM5]

Here you'll find my Michael Jackson remix and mashup / bootleg / flip collection, which I mixed together for your listening pleasure in what makes the 5th episode of The Mullet Mashup.

Yo 8-Bit, why'd you make a Michael Jackson Remix & Mashup Episode?

I remember seeing Michael Jackson's Moonwalker in the arcade a few times growing up. If you're in Virginia or perhaps in other states then you would recall Aladdin's Castle, which was basically my go-to "Mom, drop me off here while you do your shopping" spot in what is now the virtually desolate Spotsylvania Mall.

I can't say I played it often, as I hadn't seen the Moonwalker movie, which might have come out on HBO or maybe MTV but I didn't catch it then so I didn't really care too much. But when my friend Daryl introduced the Sega Genesis version at his house later on, I thought it was fun.

Forcing the bad guys to syncronized dance along with you was a definite plus, but the true zenith of satisfaction was the ability to press Down and have Michael holler and grab his crotch on command.

I knew there were a ton of Michael Jackson remixes and mashups online, having seen an entire Bootie Mashup compilation album in the past. But I wanted to get a variety of genres and styles, so I began to search further in the most self-pleasuring circles of the web. The true MVP of this episode is the internet...when it came down to finding a Michael Jackson remix & mashup treasure trove, it didn't disappoint!

Michael Jackson remix & mashup producers in this episode:

  • DJ Schmolli
  • A Plus D
  • and more

So one Monday night on our weekly Twitch stream, my buddy Baker played Moonwalker on Sega Genesis for 2 hours straight (and almost beat the game) while I played a continuous Michael Jackson remix & mashup mix with my DJ gear. The result is this podcast episode.

Enjoy! An remember to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and subscribe via email.

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