Mega Man X Remix Songs [TMM2]

This week's episode is all about that Mega Man X remix. I made a continuous mix of music from Mega Man X songs that various artists around the web have produced. If you played this game on the SNES and love the soundtrack (and hip hop), then you're in for a treat.

After DJing live 3 times on Twitch (follow me there if you like watching live gameplay or music - or both, in our case) for my man Baker while he did speedruns of the game, I had come across enough Mega Man X remixes to make a whole playlist or mix of them. One guy had even made an entire hip-hop mixtape of Mega Man X songs, so I'm showing him some love.

What's amazing to me about independent music is that virtually anything you want has already been done and can be found online. You want to hear a trap beat of Air Man's theme? Someone's done it. EDM remix of Dr Wily? Done. (I can't stand EDM, by the way, so you won't hear it on my site or podcast, which will mostly be hip-hop).

As a producer myself, it used to be discouraging seeing that pretty much everything has already be done. But for those of you who produce music or art of any kind - there's always a way to do it like no one else has done before. I used to make video game beats myself, and still do, but I've had a lot of fun mixing different ones together, or even mixing a hip-hop acapella with a video game beat and making a mashup.

Because of this, it's going to be a lot of fun scouring the web and seeing what's out there, then curating my favorites and having fun blending them into a seamless mix while DJing live. This episode is dedicated to the Mega Man X remix producers out there, and each podcast episode is recorded live on Twitch, every Monday night.

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Mega Man X Remix producers showcased in this episode:

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