Mario Kart Hip-Hop Beat Mix [TMM10]

Download my Mario Kart hip-hop beat mix here. This week's mix includes the best trap and hip hop remixes of Mario Kart games' soundtracks and themes.

Click Below to Download "Mario Kart Hip-Hop Beat Mix" 

Why did I make a Mario Kart hip-hop beat mix?

Because it's one of those games that follows me from console to console over the years. They've never made a bad one! Starting with the first one I played on the Super Nintendo display model in Sears at the mall growing up, and moving onward to the one for N64 (which I played the most of). I admit I didn't really get into Double Dash because I didn't have a GameCube. But, now my kids and I race on the WiiU, so you could say we've driven...full circle.

Now, I've taken the best remixes I could find and turned them into one continuous mix for your listening pleasure. We got the idea when doing our weekly live stream on Twitch - this time Baker and Brandon duked it out head to head, playing Mario Kart 64.

Mario Kart hip-hop beat producers in this episode:

This Mario Kart hip-hop beat mix is not a one-time thing, my friend! Each week I release a new mix in an episode of The Mullet Mashup podcast. Also, you can watch us play games and record episodes live on Twitch every Monday night, 8-10pm Eastern. And remember to follow me on FacebookTwitterYoutube, and subscribe via email.

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