Kirby Hip Hop Mashups, Remixes, & Beats [TMM14]

This DJ mix is a Kirby hip hop mashup, full of Kirby hip hop remixes and beats from gourmet race, super star, Kirby's adventure, Kirby 64, and more.

Why Did I Make A Mix Of Kirby Hip Hop Mashups, Remixes, & Beats?

I remember getting Kirby's Adventure for NES at some point in 9th grade, not sure how. Maybe I picked it up at the thrift store. But I remember it being colorful, cute, fun, and challenging but not too hard. The idea that you could just suck an enemy into your mouth, then swallow and equip yourself with their weapon was unique, to say the least.

There was also the game boy game, Kirby's Dreamland, which I also played, but never got into Kirby 64 or any of the other games. So it was a pleasant surprise when my man Baker told me he wanted to do a Monday night stream playing Kirby Dream Course, which I had never seen before.

To prepare, I searched the web for the dopest kirby remixes I could find (see the list below). I played them during the stream, got feedback, and set hot cues for later. Then Tuesday night I was in the zone and thought I'd make a mix for you. This time, I did it in 2 takes: the first time was a non-stop recording of the beats into one long mix. The second time, I played that but added acapellas and samples to it. There's a few errors, but this isn't that studio polished shit - you're getting the real ;)

Kirby remix & beat producers mashed up in this episode:

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