Donkey Kong Country Remixes, Mashups, & Beats [TMM8]

Download the best Donkey Kong Country remixes, mashups, & beats here. This week's mix is made exclusively out of reminagined themes & music from the Donkey Kong Country soundtrack's songs.

Why did I make a Donkey Kong Country remix, mashup, & beat episode?

Ahhh memories...we've all found and subsequently lost love. And with every relationship that doesn't end in one spouse outliving the other, comes the inevitable breakup and subsequent personal property that one or both of you leaves at the other's place and doesn't really give to the other, but you're too lazy to go back and get it, or don't feel like looking at them again, or you keep meaning to but forget, or all of the above.

In my senior year of high school, I dated a girl named Tanya for a few months, and went to her house a few times to engage in the as-yet unnamed "Nintendo 64 and chill." After her mom came home and we quickly sat up on the couch and tried to look like we weren't making out, we played some Donkey Kong Country (#1) and she ended up lending me the game. So of course I forgot to return it when we broke up later on and played it for years on my home console.

We've all lost love & games in this manner (it's a rite of passage), but my point is I had this game and played it for years. And my god...the music! It has always stuck with me. So of course I had to dedicate an episode to it, and actually found so many great Donkey Kong remixes that I grouped the DKC ones into this mix and will do another one later from all the other Donkey Kong soundtracks.

Donkey Kong Counry beat, mashup, & remix producers in this episode:

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