Castlevania Remix Music [TMM6]

If you like music from the series then you will love this Castlevania remix playlist. I put together a special hip-hop mix of Castlevania music for this week's episode. Check it out below:

Yo 8-Bit! Why did you make a Castlevania Remix episode?

The short answer is I fricking love the games. I played Castlevania on the NES quite a bit, and watched a friend beat Simon's Quest at his house back in the day, but it was the Game Boy game called Castlevania: The Adventure that I played and loved the most. My god...the music on that one.

But all the Castlevania games have great music. That eerie baroque sound is perfect for the soundtracks and also makes for a good hip-hop beat. So for this reason, my man Baker and I decided to dedicate one of our weekly Twitch streams to playing nothing but Castlevania remixes while he tried to beat Castlevania 3 (and almost did - got all the way to Dracula).

The result turned into this week's episode, which is full of as many dope Castlevania remixes as I could find from around the web. Actually, I found such a large Castlevania remix supply that I'll probably do another mix in a few weeks or months - but want to mix a variety of games first so this podcast has variety.

Castlevania Remix producers in this episode:

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