Battletoads Mashups & Hip-Hop Remixes [TMM12]

This week's episode is a mix of battletoads mashups and battletoads hip hop remixes, including the infamous Wu-Tang battletoads pause remix and other flips I made on the fly.

Why Did I Make A Mix Of Battletoads Mashups and Hip-Hop Remixes?

Because no one can deny that the music from Battletoads games is always on point! Even if the games are so hard they make you want to throw your controller into the sun, at least you can rock out in the meantime.

I remember when the first Battletoads game came out on the! It was so balls-to-the-wall and over the top, I fell in love - for the first level or two, at least. Then I realized how incredibly difficult the game is! I had the Game Boy version and it was challenging but not too bad. Just recently I found out about Battlemaniacs, which looks a lot better, visually.

Anyway, one night while streaming on Twitch, my man Baker was hell-bent on beating Battlemaniacs, which makes for a pretty good preparation for taking on the NES original next. While our friends and fans tuned, in, I provided the beats! You'll see a list of Battletoads remixes that others made, and also some Battletoads mashups I made on the fly using my library of video game and hip-hop tracks.

Battletoads remix & mashup producers in this episode:

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