A Tribe Called Quest Mix w/ Yoshi [TMM3]

This week I'm sharing a Tribe Called Quest Mix that is blended with Yoshi's Woolly World music for all you hip hop mashup lovers out there.

Continuing on the video game remix tip, this episode is showcasing a mixtape I put out last year called The Low End Yoshi that served as a tribute mashup to Phife Dawg after he passed away.

It really started the prior Christmas, when my roommate gave Yoshi's Woolly World to my kids as a Christmas gift. I don't usually play games on newer consoles (Atari through N64 is my sweet spot), but he has a Wii U so we started playing this game together.

It made for a lot of great memories. Each time they visited, we would get through a few levels until we beat the game. Then, of course, they had to go back through all the levels and collect all the yarn to make new Yoshis.

THEN we had to go back through all the levels and get all the flowers. In hindsight, I should have read the instructions, but I didn't think my kids would be so OCD about collecting everything. (NOW I know, and we're collecting it all as we go through Mario Paint: Color Splash)

A Tribe Called Quest Mix with Yoshi's Woolly World Music is Born

Anyway, as we played it over and over, I noticed that the Yoshi's Woolly World music is really good. It's pretty mellow, dreamy, and has a lot of guitar and acoustical instruments in it. It was running through my head for 2-3 months until I decided to do something with it. Thus, a Tribe Called Quest mix was born.

When I opened up Serato and spent an hour or two matching the Yoshi's Woolly World music from different levels of the game with songs from my hip hop library, a pattern began to emerge. I kept seeing Tribe songs pairing well with the Yoshi soundtrack like a fine wine - probably because it's also mellow and acoustic. 

So I found 10-12 different combinations with similar tempos and keys, figured out what order to put them in to manage the mood and energy throughout, chose how to transition from one mashup to the next, and finally...I had A Tribe Called Quest Mix made of Yoshi's Woolly World music mashups.

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