Retro Gaming House & Dance Music | Video Game DJ Mix [TMM17]

I made this retro gaming DJ mix using house and dance music music inspired by video game themes and soundtracks, or made using retro consoles (chiptune).

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Retro TV, Movie Theme, & Video Game DJ Mix | Remixes & Mashups | Retro Old School 80s 90s [TMM16]

Live DJ Mix from my show at Strange Matter in Richmond, VA, last weekend along with MC Chris and Bitforce. It's full of retro TV, movie, and video game theme remixes and mashups from the 80s and 90s (hip hop, trap, and dance). Enjoy! 

About This Live DJ Mix Of Retro Video Game, TV Show, Movie Theme Remixes

I thought I'd share last Sunday night's DJ set from a show with MC Chris and Bitforce at Strange Matter in my hometown of Richmond, VA. You can also find it on Mixcloud here.

This was an exciting show for me because it's one of the more popular venues, and when I moved to Richmond it's the one everyone said "You should play there!" because of the arcade games and Mario / Ryu / Donkey Kong murals on the wall.

But alas, the Booking page was too intimidating so I started hosting house parties instead, and the rest is history.

So anyway, 3 years later and here I am, spinning remixes of TV, movie, and video game themes such as 2001, American Dad, Goldeneye, Star Wars, Benny Hill, In Living Color, Magnum PI, NBA Hang Time, The A-Team, Super Mario Bros, American Gladiators, etc.

I put a lot of prep time into this one because frankly, I DJ'd an event 6 weeks ago and in my mind didn't do so hot - missing some transitions and generally being off my game. So I took the time to practice at home and make this one excellent. 

It really represents the style I'm going for, which is a truly random hodgepodge of retro remixes...not just video games but also TV show themes and movie themes from the 80s and 90s all in one continuous mix!

People were getting down, hope you do, too. Enjoy it and have an awesome weekend!

This mix of TV and movie themese is not a one-time thing, my friend! I have released quite a few old school DJ mixes as episodes of The Mullet Mashup podcast, which you can find on iTunes, Mixcloud, and Youtube. And don't forget to follow me on FacebookTwitter, or subscribe via email!

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