Bonus Mix #5: Console Wars!


Today is the final day of the Retro Remix Experience, and I've decided to tie it all together for you with my favorite collection of hip hop video game remixes...Console Wars.

Yes, that's me looking like a boss behind a pile of cash and two video game controllers. It's also the James River and Richmond, VA skyline where I live. This mixtape was an ode to my retro DJ style and also a love letter to the real-life console wars in the early 1990's when Sega Genesis and the NES/SNES were duking it out.  (Don't hate but I'm on Team Nintendo 4 life!!!)

Thanks for sticking around till the end! To show my appreciation, I wanted to offer you something special to really remember me by...

If you would like to support my music, I'm offering you Console Wars Kit. It includes:

1) A physical copy of Console Wars, autographed by yours truly.

2) Your own personal lifetime VIP Pass...meaning each one of these signed CD's serves as a world-wide pass to:  

  • Backstage Access   
  • Sound Checks
  • After Show Hangouts
  • Special Events
  • Meet and Greets
  • Virtual Shows
  • All Future Album Experiences

I only printed 80 CD's & Limited Edition Passes, and they're almost gone! 

Since you are a member of this special experience, we want you to have it all for just 10 dollars. I'm doing it this way so that I can have more freedom over the way I produce and promote my music...meaning directly to fans the way you found me, instead of having to rely on labels, blogs, promoters, etc!

Whether you pick up a Console Wars Kit or not, I truly appreciate you being part of this experience and joining the Mullet Family! 

I'll see you when I start touring this year. Bring your VIP Pass and let's hang out after the show! 

A Final Message from DJ 8-Bit Mullet