Bonus Mix #1: Bad Dudes Mega Mash


This DJ mix was the very first thing I released as DJ 8-Bit Mullet. It started out innocently enough, trying to make a single mashup of the music from Bad Dudes. 

But I found so many songs worked with it (including songs with "Bad" in the title, when possible lol) that I couldn't stop and when I woke up from my weekend production binge, I found I had made my first DJ mix.

And, I also realized my true style...making mixes...because personally I love to just put something on and let it play through and set the mood for whatever I'm doing.

Sometimes I work to it, or fight ninjas on top of tractor trailers. One fan said it's the "perfect music to write code to" so I'll take his word for it. See how many times you can count the word "Bad" and have fun!

Are You a Bad Enough Dude to Watch This Video?!!!