Street Fighter 2 Hip-Hop Remix Album

Twenty Richmond, VA hip-hop producers, DJs, and artists from various squads, labels, & collectives are collaborating to produce a Street Fighter 2 hip-hop remix album to showcase the collective strength of RVA's hip-hop scene, pay homage to one of the most game-changing, ass-kicking games of all time, and to raise funds in behalf of Building a Better RPS, for projects that benefit Richmond Public Schools.

This Street Fighter 2 Hip-Hop Remix Album includes these fighters' themes, by the following artists:

  1. Player Select - Dope Solo
  2. DeeJay - Dope Solo & RT
  3. Akuma - Slugg & Black Liquid
  4. Ken - Slugg & Goad Gatsby
  5. Blanka - Dogfuck & 1NF1N1T8
  6. Dhalsim - Santa Kilmagik & Tru Nyce  
  7. Guile - Ninja Ropes & PT Burnem
  8. Chun Li - Sultans & Jono Flacowicz
  9. Zangief - F1NG3RS & Mauricio
  10. M. Bison - Ant the Symbol & BCMusic1st
  11. T. Hawk - LithiumGod
  12. Sagat - PhD Khari



Where Can I Get It?

Starting Tuesday, June 20th, the album and its singles will be available for streaming or purchase in the following places:





Release Show

A release show and fundraising event was held at Garden Grove Brewery on Thursday, June 22nd, at 8:00pm. The show included a Street Fighter 2 tournament, costume contest, and Garden Grove's new Street Fighter-themed beer, Hundred Hop Slap.

Funds from donations, a raffle, and profits from CD and digital sales are going towards projects aimed at improving Richmond’s public school system.

Any questions? Just let me know in a comment below. Thanks!