Now Taking Remix Requests from Fans!

It’s time to produce the next round of ridiculousness! I’m now taking remix requests from fans...😎

Now that Crossfire: The Album has been released, I spent some time thinking, “What’s next?” The answer is, I want to get back to producing new music again as it’s been a while.


Releasing an album is a big project that took up all my focus and energy for 3 months straight. What I’d like to do for the next 3-6 months is focus on something more sustainable…spending time every week making something new and also connecting with my fans.

I had so much fun turning the last project into something collaborative with my friend (DJ Super Sonic) that now I think it would be fun to collaborate with YOU :)

A few of my best mashups in the past were ideas that friends and fans submitted to me, like that time I mashed Simon Belmont with Whip It, or Walk Like an Egyptian with Pharaoh Man’s theme.

What games or soundtracks do you want to hear? Click the button below to message me your idea for a remix, mashup, or beat based on any retro video game, TV show, movie, or whatever!

What’s Up Next:
🙏 Rygar (Cave Level) / 90's dance for Jonathan Janzen
🙏 Remix new Cartoon Violence single, "Fizzy and Ticklish"
🙏 Jam with Randy Byrd on bass
🙏 ???