What to Expect at MAGFest 2016 (and a Recap of MAGFest 2015)

I'm going to MAGFest 2016 for one reason--to send and receive love. With people. And games. And music. But mostly people.  In this post, I'm going to recap some random / awesome stuff I witnessed at MAGFest 2015, and give you an idea of what you can expect at this year's MAGFest.

(BTW I'll be DJing another underground party, subscribe for an invite)

Random Stuff You Can Expect at MAGFest 2016

MAGFest 2015 Recap

Just for shits the week before MAGFest 2015, I typed  "My Friends Who Like MAGFest" into the Facebook search bar.  I was surprised how many there were...120.

And this was only my second year. I'm really happy with how many like-minded people I've connected with in a year and half or so.

And it was my roommate's first time. I had to take him through the wardrobe. He needed to see Narnia. His conclusion? Very smart, approachable, and interesting people. And a ton of games. And incredible music.

You know what I like to do when I find three things I like? Mush them all together. MAGFest 2016 will do that. It's the center of a Venn Diagram with 3 circles. Where else can you play games with friends who are in bands about games you saw live and that also make music that is in games?  Trippy stuff.

We arrived late Friday, unfortunately, and missed some of my favorite artists' sets. So that was a bummer. But then the room parties began.

I'm not sure if they ever stopped. Well, it was pretty chill by day. From the atrium it looks like we're all orbiting in a space station with plant life and cosplayers growing at the bottom.

I wanted to play Ender's Game. But mostly I wanted to stand on the balcony and play the Karate Kid theme through the recorder my roommate gave me when he saw how frustrated I was trying to get a chinese bamboo flute to make sound. So I did.

I didn't perform this year. In hindsight a Jamspace set would have been fun but I really just wanted to chill out, connect, and see where things go with super fun people.

Next year I will sign up for a Chipspace set--which means I'll need to make more music with instrumentals in similar sound to game consoles of yore.

I'll be applying again to play MAGFest 2016. Out of principle. Do I deserve it, with so many incredibly talented artists? Probably not, but I try to ignore these kinds of speculative comparisons and questions for the most part as they are unproductive. But I do know you'll see me in the hallway and DJing an underground party with Super Sonic (subscribe for an invite).

Soul Train with the Super Soul Bros

Bottom line: Any time you shake your ass in a Soul Train line during a Super Soul Bros set, it's a major life victory. I consider this my first major life victory. Check out Davain, Jeff Benson, Travis, and I breaking it down from 26:16 onward...

More Random/Awesome Stuff I Witnessed at MAGFest 2015

♥ DJ Super Sonic doing a set in the hallway.

♥ A dance circle breaking out in the hallway Saturday night.

♥ Skeletor and Prince Adam dancing to 4 Non-Blondes yet again! They had an ongoing MAGFest elevator party

♥ Actual Random proposing to his fiance in the middle of a freestyle!

♥ The bottle of Sriracha vodka we yoinked from the room next door when we transitioned from partying in their room to partying in ours before ultimately getting several noise complaints and partying in 6034 and then 2 other rooms I can't remember now. It was like the movie Cube, but the opposite of terror. The next afternoon I realized we had drank all the Grey Goose and homebrew witbier we brought, and that remaining bottle of sriracha-flavored booze became an unlikely savior.

♥ Seeing Big Mat chilling out and watching the music for a change instead of running shit Wilson Fisk-style.

♥ The entire MAGFest indie showcase. I mean, my god. People don't even know. Some of you have been coming for 10 years but seriously...people don't even know the half.

♥ Learning from Niklas Karvonen that his business card was made to the exact same specifications as Patrick Bateman's in American Psycho. You can't see it but it is thicker than hell and I can't bend it.

♥ Those 2 things from Sesame Street...with the mouths...one is pink and the other is....blue? Yip yip yip yip yip

♥ Learning that the folks who put together Spectrum of Mana will be making a Chrono Trigger collaboration.

♥ Seeing 2 guys dressed like Scorpion and Reptile playing Mortal Kombat II on arcade, against each other, as Scorpion and Reptile.

Time to Prepare for MAGFest 2016!

So like I said, this year's theme for MAGFest 2016 is to send and receive love. For people. And games. And music. But mostly people. This is a yearly tradition that's part of me now. I don't want to go to 30 cons per year. I don't even like cons. But this is one I call home.

Are you going to MAGFest 2016? Hit me up! (Twitter, Facebook)