Jane Fonda's Workout...with Fart Sounds

This is a remix I made of Jane Fonda's Workout video with fart sounds. The perfect 80's workout for fitness and fart lovers alike. 😎


The story behind this audio-video masterpiece is I was discussing aerobics and legwarmers with my kids (for some reason) and I decided to show them the quintessential sample of the phenomenon...Jane Fonda's workout.

As we watched the video on YouTube, I couldn't resist making syncopated fart sounds with my mouth, which they thought was funny. I joked that I should make a video with fart sounds, and the rest is history.

I like combining activities when possible to save time, and the idea of making a video with my kids was a lot of fun. We're always coming up with fun stuff to do together when they come to visit, or projects to work on, and we're ALL about fart sounds and jokes, so Jane Fonda's workout was something we simply had to re-imagine.

My mom has this on vinyl growing up, she claims, although I don't remember seeing her work out to to. I'm sure I saw the album cover or glimpses of the workout video on VHS somewhere, though. It was impossible to be alive in the 80's and not have some exposure to it.

I've never understood the purpose of legwarmers. Is it to increase circulation through heat? I guess this is before compression clothing became a thing, although the typical unitard is somewhat tight-fitting.

As I watch these exercises I can't imagine how they are helpful. It's basically dynamic stretching which is part of a good warm-up. It also assumes everyone of all stages can go into a deep, violent stretch right off the bat. Is there some actual cardio later? I wouldn't know, because I saw enough material with rhythmic squatting and bending over to make this video, and now it's yours to enjoy.