Crossfire Board Game Commercial Remixes

My new album has 8 different remixes of the theme song from the Crossfire board game commercial from the 80's & 90's.

It’s such a ridiculously over-the-top commercial I had to combine forces with DJ Super Sonic and take it to the next level!

I think it’s safe to say Super Sonic and I got caught up in the Crossfire! We LOVE producing music that reimagines memories from the past in the most turnt way possible.

After several years of performing and partying together, we've decided to combine forces and release an entire album dedicated to one of the most catchy and over-the-top 90s commercials...CROSSFIRE!!!

We made 8 remixes of the Crossfire commercial, in 8 different genres…techno, trap, hip-hop, dance, dubstep, synthwave, & tropical house!

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This all started with an idea for throwing a massive party where we dressed up like the kids from the commercial and re-created a post-apocalyptic tournament on hoverboards.

What's next? Who the hell knows! I’m going to get back to producing and will probably put out a weekly video or track or something, and take requests from my fans.

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