Christmas Mashup Songs

It's Christmas mashup time! Here's my playlist of Christmas mashup songs I found on youtube, soundcloud, and the dankest corners of the web. Each of these Christmas mashups was chosen from among 100 I listened to, say I say they're the best.

What is a Christmas mash up, exactly? Like any mashup, it's a type of remix that blends one or more songs together into one, often from very different genres. That's what makes them so unique and fun.

So without any further ado, here is my Christmas music mashup "best of" list, below. You can also listen to my Christmas mashup playlist on Youtube and Soundcloud

Christmas Mashup Songs


Feliz Navidad vs Hotline Bling

Britney Spears vs Jose Feliciano

Frosty the Snowman vs Run DMC

The Who vs Lorde

Beastie Boys vs Wham

Led Zeppelin Christmas Mashup

Led Zeppelin Christmas Mashup, Part 2

Notorious B.I.G. vs Wham

Cee-Lo Green vs Jackson Five

Trans-Siberian Orchestra vs The Beatles

Night Ranger vs The Temptations

John Lennon vs Michael Jackson

Johnny Cash vs Fatman Scoop vs Fiddy

Major Lazer vs Soma vs Jars of Clay

LMFAO vs. Rockin Around The Christmas Tree

I hope you enjoyed these Christmas mashup songs! Remember, you can also listen to these Christmas mashups by playing my Youtube and Soundcloud playlists. Happy holidays!