Castlevania NES Level 1 Mashup | Devo Whip It Remix | Castlevania Stage 1 Vampire Killer Mashup

This Castlevania NES Level 1 remix is a mashup of Whip It by Devo with Vampire Killer from Stage 1 of Castlevania for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

I made this Castlevania Level 1 mashup at the suggestion of DJ Super Sonic, who PM'd me one night in January saying "Hey bro I think these two songs would be an awesome fit."

For obvious reasons, I agreed! Simon Belmont uses a whip to whip things so why not mix his music with Whip It to make a Devo Whip It mashup we can all agree on.

It ended up going really quickly and sounds good, so I'm happy. I've played it at various MAG events and also fondly recall in our room party when we put this song on repeat and ran around whipping things with Mark's belt.

So look for more fun singles to come over the next 10-15 weeks, until I turn them all into a mashup mega mix. See you soon, and don't forget to subscribe on YouTube.

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