Fizzy & Ticklish | Cartoon Violence Remix

I made this remix of the Cartoon Violence track "Fizzy & Ticklish." They sent me their acapella and the music was all me, using MIDI instruments and samples.

I met Victor and Blake from Cartoon Violence back in 2013 when I lived in the Bay Area.

It took me a while to get out of the house and start going to events, but when I discovered there was a video game music scene, I started going to those shows, which included a monthly show called "8-Bit SF" at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco.

There, we hung out many times, and have also performed together at Rockage, the year they had a pre-MagWest collab event with Magfest. Blake was my hype man while I was MC'ing. I've also crashed at his house when flying into town to visit, and loved his adorable pet, Colonel Spacecat.

Victor and his dad came by my house in Richmond once, and we started making a collab song based on musical notes that were somehow derived from the Golden Ratio. Not sure how all that works but it was some really weird tones.

Anyway, Cartoon Violence is a great band and here is their Bandcamp page. When they came out with Fizzy & Ticklish in April, they asked me to make a remix of it.

It took me several months to get around to it because I got busy with a backlog of other tracks, but when I finally started on it, it came together in like 6 hours, which is a short turnaround time for me.

I started making a housewerk track, but the tempo was too slow for that, so I kept the drums and started adding soft funk sounds, including two pads that set the tone, a sick guitar riff, and this west coast synth that I REALLY love.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! I'm actually very proud of how it turned out. No video game sounds or anything this time, just trying something new and it works :)