Best of the 90s Mashups! If Nineties Hits Mated

Since last month's list of excellent 80s mashups, I've scoured the web and done it again, for 90s mashups this time. I wanted to hear some of the best music of the 90s in a different way, and hearing nineties hits mixed together only doubles the fun.

When I say best of the 90s, I mean a sample of all the different genres that stood out to me at the time - pop music (Madonna, Rupaul), dance (Snap, Real McCoy, Haddaway), and hip-hop (everything else). 

I limited these choices (for the most part) to 90s mashups using only iconic songs of the 90s - nothing from earlier or later decades. Happy listening!

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Best of the 90s Mashups

And lastly, my #1 rated 90s mashup, because this video is somehow the best and worst thing ever.

BONUS! I'm not sure what year this footage is from but nothing places me squarely in the 90s like Groove is in the Heart. Here's Ric Flair vs Deee-Lite below:

So there you have my Best of the 90s Mashups list. If that doesn't make you put on a flannel shirt / overalls with one side unbuckled / sweatpants with one leg pulled up / polo shirt tucked into your pleated khakis / hammer pants / 8-Ball jacket, I don't know what will.