Best of the 90s Mashups! If Nineties Hits Mated

I've scoured the web for 90s mashups. If you want to hear the best music of the 90s in a different way, hearing these nineties hits mixed together only doubles the fun. When I say best of the 90s, I mean a sample of all the different genres that stood out to me at the time - pop music (Madonna, Rupaul), dance (Snap, Real McCoy, Haddaway), and hip-hop (everything else). I limited these choices (for the most part) to mashups of only iconic songs of the 90s - nothing from earlier or later decades. Happy listening!

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Back in the Game

This story begins back when I was a junior at Radford University in 2002. I used to write funny rhymes with my buddies in high school, and make beats on the desk with my hands (or the counter at McDonald’s where I took customers’ orders).

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Here are videos of myself turntabling over my favorite video game, TV, and movie remixes and mashups, from my Youtube video series "Turntablism."

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80s Mashup Time! The 10 Best Mashups of 80's Songs

Yo dawg...I heard you like the 80's so I made a mash up of 80s mashups so you can 80's while you...80s, I guess. During my regular scanning of the internet's most bizarre blends, I came across what I have ranked as the best 80s mashups, shared below. 

So if you're ready to hear which 80's songs go well together, or hear old favorites in a new way as I do, then the logical conclusion is that it's now...80s Mashup Time!  Enjoy them below, counting down from #10 to #1...

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Awesome Cover Songs List – Acoustic, String, Piano, Bluegrass

This started with my friend Adam Chase asking on Facebook for something new to listen to. Considering he himself is in a band that plays nothing but covers of songs made by another cover band, I assumed he would be interested in seeing the unabashedly awesome cover songs list I’ve been compiling for the last few years.

I love love LOVE hearing old songs in a new way. I remember hearing the Beatles for the first time on my mom’s old vinyl records in the 80’s. It was a great experience…that I’ll never have again.

But what comes close to having that first experience over again is hearing the music you love arranged differently.

So imagine the joy when I heard the reggae version of Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, or the smooth jazz version of George Harrison’s “Something,” or the bluegrass version of Strawberry Fields Forever.

Well now you can have some of the fun as well. I put together a few playlists on Spotify that I listen to at work. Each one is a list of cover songs in a different genre. Feel free to subscribe to each playlist of you also use Spotify.

String Covers of Popular Songs

and for those of you with babies...

Lullabye Covers of Popular Songs

So there you have it…I hope this mega cover songs list gives you enough covers of songs in every genre to get you through any occasion.

Did I miss any awesome cover songs? Let me know in a comment below and I’ll add them.


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