"Music is My Life" Remix | Deborah Cooper Mashup | 90s Dance

I made this Music is my Life remix with Sanji the Hedgehog. It’s a mashup of a Debroah Cooper acapella (from C and C Music Factory) with the kind of 90s dance music I grew up with.

This track was so much fun to make.

It started in early April when I was hiking in Shenandoah National Park, doing some soul-searching. I saw a Facebook post from my friend Sanji in Richmond, VA, who I hadn’t seen in a couple of months since we did a Retro show together at The Camel. He said he was having back pain, so I messaged him to see if he was okay.

He said he was managing but then we got to talking about music and he shared one of his recent beats with me. I thought it was awesome and said so. Next thing you know, we’re talking about 90s dance music. I think I said that’s the next type of genre I want to explore via production.

He liked that kind of sound, too. I’m talking about the house / dance music you heard on the radio in the 90s, like Be My Lover, Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless), and Rhythm is a Dancer, that kind of jam.

Well another thing going on this year is that I want to be more social outside of work and music is an opportunity to do that. Instead of working solo in my room, I’ve been collaborating with different friends…first DJ Super Sonic to release my album dedicated to the Crossfire Commercial, then Sanji and I decided to make a track together.

So pretty much every Sunday evening over 4-5 weeks, we met up at his house in his home studio and worked on the different instruments for this track, using Reason, his DAW of choice. Together we chose the main sample, the drums, and some other sounds. The synth pad sound I went home and recorded using my MIDI keyboard, Ableton, and a plugin called Serum.

My favorite part is the chorus, when Debroah Cooper starts wailing. Building up to that, you can heard some video game music come in. It’s Rygar for NES! Cave level music. Then, during the chorus you can heard cuts of the same NES sample, but rearranged in the order that Sanji finger-drummed it into the song. That’s my favorite part of the song and it was all him.

I’m also proud to have used Adobe After Effects to make the video. It wasn’t too complicated and makes for a better touch than just a static image. I’ve been wanting to learn how to do this in a reasonable time frame without having to ask or depend on an artist or produce a whole music video.

So anyway, I hope you enjoy our Music is My Life Remix. Deborah Cooper’s voice is so great, and she is also the singer fom C and C Music Factory although few people know that because she got robbed. Anyway, have a good one till the next track comes out!