80s Mashup Time! The 10 Best Mashups of 80's Songs

Yo dawg...I heard you like the 80's so I made a mashup of 80s mashups so you can 80's while you...80's, I guess. During my regular scanning of the internet's most bizarre blends, I came across what I have ranked as the best 80s mashups, shared below. 

So if you're ready to hear which 80's songs go well together, or hear old favorites in a new way as I do, then the logical conclusion is that it's now...

80s Mashup Time!

Enjoy them below, counting down from #10 to #1. You can also get an entire album full of mashups by clicking below.

DJ Lobsterdust (someone who I liked before even listening to as I'm a sucker for funny names) made this 80s mashup using one of the go-to karaoke weapons in my arsenal, "Tainted Love," with Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus." It's fun to hear them both, but just seems a bit slow, and less (I don't know) swingy? than I remember Tainted Love being. So it comes in at #10.

I'll see your 80's pop rock, Billy, and raise you one George Michael. The production seems a bit loud, and George's vocals aren't quite prominent enough for me, so I'm putting this 80's mashup at #9. But make no mistake, this kind of manic song is placed squarely in my Saturday morning house cleaning playlist (a family tradition growing up...my parents would, to their credit, blast uptempo music such as Hooked on Classics, Technotronic, and 90's house. But I digress) Hype! 

Forgive the early 90's intrusion! This 4-song mashup includes MJ's "Black or White" instrumental blended with Queen's "I want to break free" and an apparently live "Another One Bites the Dust." I included it in this list of 80s mashup songs because one outlier doesn't change its ass-kicking, shoulder-paddery essence.

Instead of being content with an A/B mashup, this track has two, back to back. Halfway through, it segues into a new blend of "Don't You Want Me" by Human League and Yes's (one of my top 5 favorite classic rock bands of all time) "Owner of a Lonely Heart." It's good, but the chorus is a little crowded and weak, so I'm putting this at #8 on my list.

Queen, AC/DC, Robert Plant, and ah yes, Outkast. This song kicks can all over the place, making a great rock-on-rock 80s mashup. Okay, maybe not so much Outkast. But Prince? Crowded House? Thank you, video annotation in the bottom right corner to let me know what riffs, samples, and breaks we're listening to and when. Oh, hey Snoop...Mr. Lennon...This song works. Moving on...

Thun-der! This song will forever remain in my mind as the pre-game, let's-get-the-team-pumped-up-in-the-locker-room-before-a-high-school-football-game song. Our coach and team took things a little too seriously, but you know what doesn't? Ghostbusters, that's what.

These two very different songs come together well, including the choruses and bridge. I would bump this on my way to busting some ghosts, which, by the way, makes me feel good. So does this 80s mash up. Thanks, internet guy! 

As I mentioned in my cover songs list post, what's super fun to me is hearing two completely disparate things working together in harmony. Here, LL Cool J's aggressive, fight-themed "Mama Said Knock You Out" vocals are mashed with "Come On Eileen's" fiddle & banjo-laden positiviy...and it works!

One thing could be better and that's the latter half of the song. Come On Eileen pretty much takes over. Where'd you go, LL? Taking a corner break until the next round, I guess. This is a fun 80s mashup worth a listen or two.

Rick James' "Super Freak" blended with "Der Kommissar" (by Falco, same guys who did "Amadeus" - I didn't know that). Now, Der Kommissar has always been a fun song, but never danceable until now. So, nice beat. The guitar riffs go well with Rick's well-known bass line.

I don't know if the Temptations clips were in Rick's original video, but it's a nice touch and recognition of their work regardless. It kind of just ends and is okay overall, so I'm making this one 80s mashup #5.

P.S. For a good chuckle, go straight to 2:58. 

This A/B mashup of ABBA's "Super Trooper" with Van Halen's "Jump" is catchy, and it works. Now, when I think ABBA, the 1970's come to mind, but this one came out just in time to make this list of 80's mashups. Great chorus and bridge as well!

So yeah...I'm not a Chrono-Nazi, and this mashup has "Can't Touch This" from the early 90's (close enough for me), but blends it well with the Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams Are Made of These," then...oh, what's this? New Order, you sneaky devils, you! I see you coming in there 1/3rd of the way through. Nice chorus.

David Byrne? Okay cool, welcome to the party. "Psycho Killer" is on the guest list. Then, more New Order, spicing it up at the end with Donna Summer's chilling vocals. Lastly, there's a good reprise with clips from every previous song. Nicely done. Upvotes for the complexity.

Switch me on, Egon! Hip-hop mashups are my favorite. Busta Rhymes' "Dangerous" vocals go great with an energetic remix of the theme from Ghostbusters.

As a lifelong lover of puns and plays on words, I also love seeing two songs' titles or artist names blend together seamlessly, as "Ghost Busta Rhymes" does. Double Mash Score! This 80s mashup ranks near the top of my list at #2. Thanks, Ludachrist!

If you've made it this far I'm willing to guess you love 80s mashups. Or hate them but are into masochism. Well assuming the former, here's an entire freaking (FREE) album of 80's hits mashed with today's music, if you're into that. I have my own strong preferences in genres, but I have to be fair. Click the image below to download the whole album of 80s mashups.

The production is great, and DJ Schmolli is incredible - an inspiration to other aspiring mashup artists like myself. And very prolific. I'm just not into popular music these days, and this album is pretty much modern music with some 80's song elements rather than two 80's songs blended together. But in terms of quality, this is undoubtedly at the top.

Now get off my lawn.