The Low End Yoshi

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"The Low End Yoshi" is my latest mixtape. It's a Tribe Called Quest tribute mashup, where Phife Dawg quotes and Q-Tip lyrics are blended with the Yoshi's Woolly World wii u soundtrack.

I've played a lot of Yoshi's Wooly World with my kids and the songs are now memorable and meaningful. I started messing around in Serato to see what songs from the 90's they might go with, and A Tribe Called Quest songs kept coming up as matches. 

I was about halfway done when I heard the news about Phife Dawg's death. So I made sure to highlight him as much as possible. RIP Phife

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A Tribe Called Quest Songs Featured:

  • Motivators
  • Everything is Fair
  • Rhythm (Devoted to the Art of Moving Butts)
  • The Love
  • Footprints
  • Check the Rhime
  • Oh My God
  • The Hop
  • Baby Phife's Return
  • Bonita Applebum
  • Wordplay
  • Luck of Lucien
  • Mr Mohammed
  • Go Ahead in the Rain
  • ICU (Doin' It)
  • Award Tour

Yoshi's Woolly World Levels Featured:

  • Boss Transformation
  • Welcome to Yoshi's Woolly World!
  • Title
  • Amiibo Hut
  • World 3
  • World 2
  • The Desert Pyramid Beckons
  • A-Mazing Post Pounding
  • Kamek's Arrival
  • Scarf-Roll Scamper
  • World 5
  • A Little Light Snowfall
  • Boss Clear

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I have yet to hear a bad track from 8-Bit Mullet. If you have even a tiny bit of soul, and have any love for the 90s, you’ll love this.
— Ryan Paul Thompson
Phife would be proud.
— Charlasco C
This is fire!
— Twistacles
Shut the front door, this is the dopest thing I’ve ever heard.
— Xooxanthellae